Born and raised in Bloomfield, New Jersey, Cassey Kuo is an aspiring visual development artist, a passionate illustrator and, on occasion, a deft klutz. A terror with a crayon, she has been drawing for as long as she can remember.  As a recent graduate from Rochester Institute of Technology with a B.F.A. in Illustration, she spends nearly all of her time drawing, doodling and painting away in her studio, swiftly capturing her ideas traditionally as well as digitally.   When she is not at her workspace, she can be found dancing, longboarding, rock climbing and generally staying active.

As a 2D design intern at Workinman, a Rochester based game development company, she spent the Summer and Fall semesters working closely with developers and designers to design a range of mobile and computer games. There she acquired various skills to fuel her desire to be a visual developer in the future.   Cassey has also been recognized as a semi-finalist in Nickelodeon's Artist Program for 2015.

With a keen eye for design, gesture, and anatomy, all these interests and experiences have helped to cultivate her imagination and drive Cassey to diligently improve her craft in order to create compelling worlds and memorable characters.

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